About & Contact

CHICAGO ACTION SPORTS is an organization of action sports athletes and community leaders that was established in 2001. What do we do?

Promote –  BMX, SK8B, SK8, and other ActionSports in Chicago and the Midwest

Plan – Indoor and Outdoor Parks, Events, Clinics & Contests, Including Art, Music, Film

Events – Go Grind, Grindfest Filmfest, Boarder Wars Final, DAMN AM Chicago

Partners – Chicago Park District, Columbia College Chicago, DCASE/LUMA8, DAMN AM/SPoT, Camp Woodward

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat

Our goal is to introduce Chicago’s youth to action sports and spread the love that we have for skateboarding and BMX. We work with community leaders to plan action sports events and to building new skateparks. We are creating room for the growth of action sports in Chicago.

On top of community outreach, CAS is a media outlet dedicated to providing Chicago action sports news as well as showcasing the city’s skateboarding/bmx talent and culture.

Founder and CEO of Chicago Action Sports Joan E. Schenk has an extensive background in both business and education along with a deep-rooted association with the city of Chicago. Her interest in action sports was sparked in the late 90s when she worked for ESPN and their X Games affiliates to promote the culture in Chicago. She now dedicates her time to develop the growth of CAS. By teaming up with local skateboarders, bikers, and community leaders; CAS will be the driving force behind the future growth of Chicago’s action sports community.

Email us if you have any questions about our organization and or wish to participate in the growth of Chicago’s action sports scene. We will respond as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from you!